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Start-video is the latest in desktop video conferencing service with HD quality video, VOIP audio and all of the web conferencing tools rolled up into one service in the cloud that has recording capability. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access the start-video service. All you need    is a webcam and a good internet connection.

As an incentive for buying the start-video service, we would like to offer
a free audio bridge conferencing line for the same number of parties as your start-video account. The service would be on a toll meet me basis and it is unlimited usage.

All start-video accounts are one price per month, prepaid, with unlimited usage.
Product Pricing
5 party account $19 per month
25 party account $39 per month
100 party account $54 per month

Call Mary at 877-954-6699 or 713-954-6699 for pricing on larger sized party accounts. Quantity discounts are available for multiple accounts.
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and due before the upcoming month. I agree to pay all taxes and fees associated
with the invoices. I understand that Start-Video accounts may not be downsized once the plan is in place for the current billing cycle. If I need to downsize my plan for a future month, I will contact A+ in writing prior to my monthly billing date. If I wish to cancel my flat rate account for the next billing cycle, I will inform A+ Conferencing in writing at least one week prior to the monthly billing date or I understand I will be automatically charged for the next billing cycle. Refunds are not issued if the cancellation is not sent in writing, or by email, prior to my monthly bill date. Notifications of cancellation are to be emailed to cancellations@nwpros.com. A+ Conferencing reserves the right to change conference numbers if necessary for operational purposes. I am responsible for all usage of my account; therefore I will keep my account information confidential to prevent any unauthorized usage on my account. If I do suspect any unauthorized usage, I will report it to Customer Service immediately at 1-877-954-6699. If I default in meeting these terms & conditions, I understand that A+ can place my account on a credit hold status which means my company cannot use any more A+ services until payments are made to restore my account. For a list of additional terms & conditions, please visit www.aplusconferencing.com.

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