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Start-Video, One of the most Effective Video Conferencing Tools in the Cloud

      Are you planning on hosting an online meeting or webinar in the near future? One of the easiest and least expensive technologies that you can use is start-video. Start-video features HD quality video, VOIP audio and all of the web conferencing tools that you need, all rolled up into one recordable service in the cloud. All that is required to begin is a webcam and a good Internet connection. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access the service.

      With start-video, you can have up to sixteen, interactive videos on the screen. The moderator can place any important documents, like PowerPoint slides or other files into a media library, that can be recalled easily during any web meetings in the future. There is a white board feature with annotation tools that can be used for drawings or illustrating changes in documents. The live chat feature allows for the conferees to chat with the moderator back and forth.

      The service can actually go over one hundred conferees on a web meeting, but you obviously cannot get all of these videos on the monitor simultaneously. It is best in large web meetings to have the moderatorís video going during the presentation. When the Q&A begins, then the moderator can turn on the video of each person asking the question, along with the interaction with the moderator.

      Start-video service is Flash based and it comes in several languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chech, and Russian. What is also unique about the service is that it is a browser based tool and it does not require any downloads. In addition, it works with both Mac and PC protocols. Moreover, because of its affordable costs, the conference tool is perfect for small and medium businesses to use for their conferencing needs.

      The service integrates with Outlook so it is very easy to invite guests into your webinars. The desktop video conferencing tool features on board VOIP audio, however, for larger meetings of six or more people, it is recommended to use the conference bridge audio, which is included for free with each paid subscription of start-video. Also, all of your web meetings can easily be recorded.

     Some of the features of start-video are:
         .  Intuitive and easy interface
         .  Mac, OS and Windows platform support
         .  Outlook integration
         .  Scheduled meetings ( both one time and recurring)
         .  Audio conferencing, via Internet and conference bridge
         .  Screen and application sharing
         .  Recording of all meetings
         .  Live chat and polling
         .  White board and annotation tools
         .  Quick technical support and training

      So, what are you waiting for? Get a demo of start-video today. Contact Mary Hawkins at maryh@nwpros.com to schedule a quick demo of start-video and a free two week demo account. Once you have tried start-video, you will never go back to the other guys.











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